We are an inter-disciplinary film company that creates and produces commercials, digital content, movies and immersive technology-based content like virtual, augmented and mixed reality, 3D mapping, hologram and interactive projects whose composition depends solely or partially on filmmaking.

But we are, first and foremost, creators and collaborators.

We do not limit the growth of an idea with fixed choices; we devise intelligent creative and commercial strategies around an idea based on key factors while simultaneously forming a core team to drive the project. This team comes from our worldwide network of artists, directors, visualizers, manufacturers, coders, producers, agents, individuals and companies.

Vandana Bhatti

Founder & Executive Producer

Vandana Bhatti is the force behind Marathon Films. It’s her drive that gives the company its steam, stamina, and undying spirit. As a marathoner, she draws insightful parallels between how she holds herself in a marathon and her role as a film producer. She regards efficiency and perseverance as her mantra, both in track and in trade.

Vikram Bhatti

Director & Creative Head

Vikram Bhatti is the creative craftsman of Marathon Films. He is a writer at heart, director by choice and poet by default. He has a deep understanding of cultures, art forms and their socio-political relevance, which furthers his ability to draw inspiration and combine art styles to produce unique concepts.